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Vision Statement

"Exceptional By Choice."


Pottsboro Independent School District will provide an education program characterized by quality, equity, and accountability that will help our students build essential academic skills necessary for lifelong learning. By developing the ability to think logically, independently, and creatively each student will achieve a feeling of self-worth and the confidence required to conquer the challenges of our ever-changing world environment.


We believe all individuals deserve an environment that is conducive to mental, physical, and spiritual growth.


We believe the learning environment extends well beyond the classroom.


We believe excellence requires commitment.


We believe each student has value.


We believe community support is essential to the success of our students and staff.


We believe the quality of our school district is a direct reflection on our community.


We believe an effective staff member has a positive influence on students.


We will continue to evaluate and improve our district facilities.


We will build a strong college and career culture, in which all staff support student's postsecondary aspirations.

We will perform on the Texas Academic Performance Report at a level that meets or exceeds Region 10 and State of Texas scores on standardized testing.

We will attract, retain, and develop exemplary employees for all jobs in the district through competitive salaries and benefits. The district will ensure that teachers are highly qualified.

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