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Goals Are Set

After the most successful season in Pottsboro history, the 2020 Varsity football team is hungry to return to the State Playoffs. With their determination to conquer each team in their path, the football boys can be seen every morning and afternoon undergoing hours of practice, along with lifting and running. Many boys are worth recognition, as they not only work tediously within the season, but also during the offseason, taking opportunities to better themselves and their team. With football as only a portion of these boys' life, they also balance jobs, schoolwork, school clubs, and other sports teams as well.

Titus Lyons, a wide receiver and safety, has strived constantly to be the player that he is, and was one of the key players in last year's state game. The love he has for the game is accompanied by his character, and his humbleness that is seen after he succeeds. Another key player, Daniel Graham, a center and defensive lineman, holds a lot of responsibility as he must successfully snap the ball to the quarterback and attempt to take down the other team's defense. Daniel is seen to have an uplifting attitude on the field, and spreads confidence throughout the team. He sets the best example of how to act both on and off the field. Daniel is such an important key player that will never go unnoticed with his countless hours of work he puts forth here in Cardinal football.

As both teams have run towards a common goal, each person we got to interview have held their own story of how football has impacted their life. These well-rounded students will always have the memories of football, and their teammates that have left a mark on their personal lives.

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