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Kids Serving Kids

Kids Serving Kids was started with the intention of spreading love to the community and providing students with financial aid after high school. The program was created in 1997 when the middle school counselor, Jayme Blessing, decided that it was time for Pottsboro ISD to give back to its students after graduation. That year, after gathering the 7th grade teachers and explaining the program to them, each classroom began collecting pennies to raise money for scholarships. This became a tradition, and eventually, the program spread to 6th and 8th grade. Each year, a handful of students are selected by the teachers based on leadership skills, service, courage, honor, and patriotism from the 8th grade to represent the program. They plan days such as pajama day, popcorn day, hat day, and block the door parties to raise money for seniors who are soon to depart for college. To further their selflessness, they graciously volunteer in our community at places such as Visions of Sugarplums to help package and provide meals to less fortunate families in our area.

After interviewing one student, Blake Buchanan, he said that the program has helped him see the world in a larger perspective and that there’s more to life than middle school. This organization has encouraged him to volunteer weekly at the Kid’s Club, and to help children with their homework and spend time with them. He loves giving back to the community, as do each of the students that participate in the program.

The scholarship is uploaded on the high school counselors’ page and any senior is eligible. The deadline is March 29th and several scholarships will be given. Each candidate’s name is taken off of their essay, and the children vote on which application is best. The Pottsboro Independent School District is proud to watch KSK embrace the community and spread love to teenagers. They are thankful to have an amazing counselor, and such selfless students who advocate for others. There have been a total of 120 KSK ambassadors since its founding, and with this being the twentieth year, forty-five scholarships have been given out to Pottsboro High School graduates, and amassing a grand total of over $28,000.

If any community member would like to donate to the cause, please contact Jayme Blessing, the middle counselor.

Volunteers at Visions of Sugarplums and Kid’s Club are highly encouraged and much appreciated! If you are interested in volunteering or contacting the Pottsboro chapter, their website is listed below:

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