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Small Town, Big Dreams

By: Lauren Neal & Ellie Williams

The Pottsboro High School Varsity football team has prepped for nine games, played nine games, and won nine games just this past season—indubitably with more success to come. Due to these incredible accomplishments, the boys have been named District Champions. Just walking down the hallway, or offhandedly mentioning a past game in class, anyone can tell by the look of pride on these kids’ faces that they have worked hard, done well, and surpassed perhaps even their own expectations of excellence. 

The Student Spotlight team got the opportunity to sit down and interview three of the players, including senior captains Hunter Fulton and Cy Shope alongside senior phenomenon Zach Wideman. It is clearly evident in how they speak on the matter that each of these young men are passionate about the sport, and have been for a long time—some for upwards of a decade.

According to the interviewees, each and every member of this team is to thank for such a record-breaking season; there were not simply one or two people who outshone the others, instead, they all outshone their past selves through dedication, hours of painstaking practice, and defeating formerly challenging adversaries left and right.  Zach Wideman claims that “The environment of being around these guys is great, because you can sense that they want to be there. The effort they have put in recently is greater than [he has] seen in the past.” 

The 2019 Pottsboro High School Cardinal Football team is laying down the foundation for a remarkable legacy, not just through their recent accomplishments, but through the love and care that they share for one another. Wideman said in his interview that “The brotherhood of the team is special; [he] would do anything for them and [he knows] they would do the same.” Instead of a team, it is a family—a family who has, quite frankly, been killing it lately.

P.S. – 

From the Cardinal Pride Band, Cheerleaders, and Student Section;

These are definitely some of the most resilient and awesome members that we have ever seen on the field. We are so, so proud to be able to witness the creation of their legacy, and we will continue to cheer them on from the sidelines at every single game; rain or shine.

(We’re probably your biggest fans.)

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