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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

For the past few months, our Lady Cardinal volleyball team has been working tirelessly to better themselves, making this season one that they will never forget. Often playing outside of the spotlight, and balancing jobs, UIL competitive team meets, marching band rehearsals, AP courses and hours of homework alongside their volleyball games and practices, these girls are definitely deserving of recognition and appreciation.

Each and every one of our Lady Cardinals has performed phenomenally recently, and put their all into the multitude of games they have taken part in. However, there are a few that stand apart from the rest in their dedication and effort. Caroline Nix, Madalyn Pittman, Hannah Fellinger, Samantha Wallis and Hannah Graley are just a few of these incredible athletes that have put in consistent hours and hard work over the past few weeks.

This past week, we got to sit down with a couple of these stars for an interview, and in doing so, gained a definite insight on just how much the sport means to them, how much it has affected their lives, and how much work they have funneled into the program since the first of August.

Article: Lauren Neal & Ellie Williams

Video: ExCeed

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