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Who's Up-and-Cooking in Cardinal Culinary

By: Lauren Neal & Ellie Williams

Although often overlooked by others (due to its small outreach and size), Pottsboro High School’s culinary program fosters some of the most talented adolescent chefs and business entrepreneurs that can be found in the community. There are a few students in particular that have shown great promise and influence in the field, through participating in local competitions, cooking for social events, or simply providing home-made meals for their friends and family.

One of these students is Erin Burton. Erin started baking when she was really young. Her family is comprised of breakfast connoisseurs, so she grew up in the kitchen. Today, she enjoys cooking because it acts as a window of release when she is stressed out or anxious about her day-to-day life—especially on weeks that she has no down time. Typically, she cooks for others, as that is what she was raised to do. Her favorite items to make include French toast, pancakes, and monkey bread. With further investigation, we have found that each of her friends rave about how delicious her cooking is, and how she is always there to lend a helping hand, whether it is in a shoulder to cry on, or a cookie to bite into. Although Erin is not looking to pursue a career in the culinary field, she still has big dreams of becoming either a pilot or a physical therapist; things she will surely do with patience, determination, and success.

A few others that have shone exceptionally bright in the culinary program are Kasey Condron, Kyndal Kelso, Giau Nguyen, and Mason Hall (among others). Perhaps the most passionate of all of these is Kyndal Kelso, who we got to sit down with for an interview.

Kyndal aspires to become a professional chef, and has already begun taking culinary courses at Grayson County College, while still a senior in high school. Not only does she bring charm and prestige into the community through several actions of service, as one of the drum majors of the Cardinal Pride Band, and by generally making people smile, but she also excels in the culinary arts. Having made both of her sisters’ multiple tiered wedding cakes alongside countless dinners and desserts for those around her. Kyndal is indubitably a star that will not stop shining.

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