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Effort Produces Success

By Lauren Neal & Ellie Williams

Jesse Schmidt is a senior at Pottsboro High School—he is involved in band, archery, cross country, and has a multitude of hobbies. Some days, he’s up before the sun and to sleep after midnight due to his different responsibilities; although Schmidt is not the only student to have such a strenuous schedule, he is definitely one that is worth a spotlight.

Having spoken to multiple people on the topic, our fifth period EXCEED class with Mr. Blanton has officially deduced that Jesse Schmidt, while his jokes are terrible, is one of the most genuine, caring, and stand-up guys that you will ever come into contact with. Regardless of whether or not he is absolutely exhausted from putting in 110% effort into every single extracurricular activity he is involved in, he always greets the people around him with a friendly smile and a warm statement of affection or encouragement. 

Jesse Schmidt is a go-getter and never backs down from a challenge. Alongside this, he is dedicated, hard-working, and easy-going; whenever he is asked to perform some task for Mrs. Deen, such as loading up the band truck at competitions or helping rack chairs and stands after a rehearsal, he spares so much as an adolescent groan of dismay while he goes about the task, instead grinning from ear to ear and asking if there is anything else he could help with. His absolute adoration for this community and the people involved in it is something worth mentioning, and it was a pleasure to get to sit down for an interview with him this past week. 

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