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All For the Kids...

By Hannah Fellinger & Mitchell Jones

For several years, Pottsboro has had the honor to get to know someone that is a light in the middle of darkness. His loving, compassionate, and patriotic personality has the gift to draw near to kids’ hearts and not only educate them, but connect with them personally. Mr. Davis has been a substitute teacher at Pottsboro Independent School District for 8 years. He was born June 1, 1934, and he is 84 years old. He grew up in Oklahoma and has ventured to places such as Germany and Australia. Many students love to have him as their substitute teacher and are willing to hear his advice. Perhaps, he is wise because of the journey that life has taken him on. He is a bright spirit that has walked through many adventures. Through the years, the students have gotten the gift of hearing how he grew up, and the things he learned along the way.

Mr. Troy Davis

Mr. Davis grew up in Oklahoma during his childhood. His parents were Willie and Gertrude Davis. His father worked as a preacher and eventually built a church in Yarnaby, Oklahoma. His mother died at the age of 67 and his father remarried a women named Lois. His father later passed away at the age of 107. He had nine other siblings and now has 6 grandkids. Mr. Davis is family-centered, and cares deeply for his loved ones.

Mr. Davis has been down many paths in his life that have taught him valuable lessons. One of the most memorable moments of elementary was Mr. Davis’s second grade class with Mrs. Goodjohn. One day, Mr. Davis claimed that he was dared to jump out of the classroom window when Mrs. Goodjohn was not in the room. He successfully made it out the window and around the school; however could not reach the window to get back in. The teacher caught him and he got punished with the paddle. Life went on and in seventh grade, he moved to Oklahoma City. After graduation, he joined the airforce at the time of the Korean War, and was stationed at the Loflin Airforce base. One day, after returning from seeing his family, he was ordered to board a ship from New York to Bermanhabin, Germany. After a couple months there, he took a train to small towns in Germany to continue fighting for his country. He was stationed there for ninety days, and then sent to Africa for eighteen months. Here he worked at a base that supplied essentials to troops across Europe. During these eighteen months, he encountered many highs and lows. Mr. Davis has a strong pride for our country and was happy to serve. After Africa, he worked as a butcher for a base; however busted his lungs while picking up meat.

After returning home, Mr. Davis worked for a few months and then decided to attend Texas Tech. University and major in Secondary Education. Here, he met a women and they dated for four years. They got married and had a child at the age of 27. Mr. Davis loved learning; however often found himself caught up being a full time student and full time employee. Mr. Davis remembers one unforgettable night that occurred between him and his son while he was in college. That night, he realized that he needed the time to watch his child grow up and focus on his family. He set his books in the corner and he never returned to school a day after that. It is obvious that Mr. Davis is a wholehearted person, who values people and relationships over his own wants and desires. After many jobs and events, Mr. Davis finally decided to become a substitute teacher.

Many people do jobs for the money; however, this is not the case with Mr. Davis. He is here for the purpose of spreading light to children and developing relationships with them. He uses his time and energy to pour into children that need the guidance in their lives. He has stated that he is only here to help the students. He finds joy in watching them grow. Pottsboro Independent School District is so thankful for such an outstanding, loving, man. He is a gift, and puts others before himself constantly. He is a role model, and we hope that others learn from his wise ways. Everyone at Pottsboro ISD feels his radiating compassion and emotion towards our students and community.

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